My Interview with Jeremy Victor at B2B Bloggers

Last week, I had the opportunity to have my first “Twitter-view” with Jeremy Victor at B2B bloggers. Jeremy and I took a very quick tour through some of the territory I explored in my book, The BuyerSphere Project (free pdf available on our site, print version available at Amazon). Jeremy has edited the Tweets into a cohesive transcript.

Some of the areas we covered:

  • What is the BuyerSphere and Why Should We Map It?
  • Where are B2B Marketers on the Digital Marketing Adoption Curve?
  • What are the main challenges facing B2B buyers?
  • The irrationality of B2B purchasing
  • What is the Risk Gap?
  • The Need for Face-to-Face
  • The importance of a website as a Digital Asset
  • Are blogs more important that websites?

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