Bill Wise Leaving Did-It

Apparently Bill Wise and the Did-It Frog have had a difference of opinion.  The story this morning says that Bill Wise will be stepping down from the CEO position at Did-It but future plans haven’t been announced.  The split seems to be amicable at this point, but the two spokespeople are Bill and Kevin Lee and they’re both very diplomatic gentleman.

The split seems to come about from differing views of where Did-It should go in the future.  This is the challenge facing many SEMs and SEOs now as the industry continues to evolve at breakneck pace.  Of course, Did-It is also at the eye of the storm regarding the SEO/SEM controversy.

I had the privilege of being able to speak on a panel once with Bill Wise and was impressed with his clear view of search marketing strategy and the industry in general.  He’ll do very well no matter where he ends up. Good luck Bill.

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