Jet Lagged but Still Posting!

bitburgerI’ve just spent 16 hours on various airplanes, so the mental processes are not the clearest, but I promised myself I’d do a blog post before succumbing to the pharmacological effects of mixing Ambien and German beer.

Over the next several posts, I’ll be focusing specifically on the challenges facing B2B marketers. While the previous posts this week weren’t specific to B2B, the issues of “Wow” service and returning to the Core are certainly relevant in the B2B world, perhaps more so now than ever.

The past few months have been interesting for me. Perhaps because of the release of my book, perhaps because of a resetting of strategies, perhaps just because we’ve hit the tipping point on the adoption curve – whatever the reason, I’m having a lot of conversations with a lot of people about “getting it”. Something fundamental is shifting, and I think the message has finally seeped into the C suite. Not only is the message being heard, but it’s being acted upon.

Next week, I want to explore a theory by Brazilian economist Carlota Perez – Regime Transition Theory. According to Perez, there is a massive changing of the guard in business at pretty regular intervals, driven by significant changes in the market environment. These changes are often sparked by technological innovation. And it seems we’re in the middle of one of these shifts right now.

I’ll also pick up some of the threads laid down in the original BuyerSphere and see how it might tie into this shift. In the past 3 months, I’ve been talking more and more about the business buyer of tomorrow. I’ll be taking a deeper diver there as well.

But for tonight, (because it is tonight here in Germany) I really don’t want to do too much in the way of deep thinking, because the deepest I plan to go is to the bottom of the glass of Bitburger currently sitting beside me, then it’s off to bed. Auf weidersehen!

P.S. – bummed that Canada self destructed in the World’s hockey championship. Ian (Everdell, from Enquiro) and I had bought tickets to the Gold Medal game this weekend in Cologne, hoping that Canada would be there. Oh well, it will still be good hockey!

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