Live from the Google B2B Summit: Meet Amy

Amy_C_-_2_144_188_c1I’m just waiting in JFK after attending Google’s B2B Summit in New York and just had to drop a quick post. The highlight of the day was a keynote by Amy Curtis-McIntyre, the founding CMO of JetBlue airlines. Now, I shared a podium some time ago with David Neeleman, the (until recently) CEO of JetBlue and I can’t imagine an odder couple than the brash New York sass of Amy and the quiet Mormon values of Neeleman, but they made it work and created a phenomenal brand success story in the process.

For me, it was a particular pleasure to meet Amy, and I already made sure I lined up an interview to find out more about the amazing JetBlue story. Companies like this, that realize a brand promise to a consumer is sacrosanct, fascinate me. If you ever get a chance to hear Amy present (she’s now a surburban mom in Chicago) make sure you don’t miss it. She’s right up on my list of favorite speakers with Guy Kawasaki, and there’s an amazing degree of resonance in their messages. By the way, Guy’s also on my hit list for an interview at some point.

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