Blog Overload

Hello Gord..where are you?

Well, to be honest, I don’t even know. I was in NY last week for SEMPO’s planning retreat (great board this year, by the way..look for good things) and right now I’m in Florida (which is literally burning up around me) for the Search Insider Summit. So, my blogging has been sporadic on this site, but I have been doing some posts on the Search Insider Summit Blog, along with David Berkowitz, Aaron Goldman and Lee Odden. Try to catch it…

I’ve got a back log (or would that be back-blog?) of stuff and I’m actually in the office for more than a few days (then it’s off to China and I promised a few people I’d try to do a bit of a travelogue, as I did when I visited Europe last summer) so hopefully I’ll be doing some catch up.

By the way, another reason for the sporadic blogging is that I’ve been up to my ears in new research. We’ve got the first release of new B to B data coming out very soon, we’ve done a Chinese Eye Tracking study (and that promises to have some very interesting data) that I’ll be unveiling in Xiamen, and we’ve got a few other things up our sleeves. So I apologize, but it’s not like I’ve been lounging around the pool or anything…honest!

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