Lee Odden’s Feed n Read List

In a brilliant example of win/win, Lee Odden has shared his OPML file for the 250 Must Read Blogs in the SEM space. Thanks for including me on the list Lee! As you may have noticed, I’m trying to be more diligent about posting this year (New Year’s Resolutions and all) so hopefully I can persuade you to remove the comment “posts about search marketing from time to time”.

But consider the win/win aspects of this:

  • Lee helps the community by sharing a great resource.
  • Those included on the list share the love by posting a link on their own blogs back to Lee’s post
  • Lee suddenly gets hundreds of links from the best blogs in the business
  • Lee’s authority goes up
  • Everybody wins!

For anyone looking at blog promotion, link baiting or just in how to align the online planets in your favor in general, this is a textbook example!

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