Off to Chicago

Next week, I’m in the windy city for the Annual Catalog Conference. Fair amount of search on the agenda. I did the show last year in Orlando and found a real mix of expertise, but I’m constantly amazed at the difference a year can make in the “savvy index” at these non-Search focused shows. I’ll try to get a post or two in between the Giordano’s pizza.

Speaking of shows, just traded emails with Jakob Nielsen who’s busily getting ready for his Usability Week Summit Series. Jakob and his team are wrapping up a pretty extensive eye tracking study. I’m hoping to catch up with him at the San Francisco show to compare notes. The agenda looks amazing, so if usability is your thing (and it should be) you might want to check this out. We’re sending Cory Bates, our usability consultant and eye tracking go-to guy to soak up some wisdom.

Finally, a weekend wrap up note from SEO PR’s Greg (“have I mentioned I’m a Democrat?”) Jarboe. Upon learning that I finally started blogging, Greg gave me the following stat:

According to Technorati, there’s a new blog created every second — and 55% of new bloggers are still posting three months later. So, the trick isn’t becoming a blogger. It’s finding something new to say 13 weeks down the road.

I’m not at 13 weeks yet, but I’m a week and a half in and this is post 13, so so far, so good

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